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2020 marks the inaugural year for Hike for Hospice.  This new event was created as an all-inclusive, accessible, community-wide walk. Hike for Hospice is a fundraiser in support of Hospice of Southern Maine’s Gosnell Memorial Hospice House and the Home Hospice Program’s mission to provide compassion, care, and comfort through the end of life.


Hike for Hospice was originally planned to include a 5K walk on the Eastern Trail or a 1-mile stroll along a paved route. Due to Covid-19 it is a virtual hike this year and provides opportunities to create your own walk to make each step count!  The money you help us raise will support Hospice of Southern Maine in continuing to provide high-quality end-of-life care for anyone in the community.


Moving to a fully virtual event may have you questioning what does that look like and how do I raise funds for a virtual walk?

Fundraising 101 

Virtual Hike

This year’s virtual hike in support of Hospice of Southern Maine, you choose the location, time and distance of your walk. 

Here are a few ideas for your virtual hike:

  • Walk 2,000 (1-mile) or 7,000 (5K) steps on your favorite beach 

  • Enjoy one of our many State Parks and Conservation trails

  • Join a friend and walk your favorite route... socially distanced of course!

  • Walk on your treadmill, ride a stationary bike, or hop on your rowing machine and record your distance

  • Don't forget Fido! Walk with your pet in their favorite spot and wearing their bandana

Get creative and share your experience by posting photos and videos to your personal fundraising page. Share a snapshot of your pedometer, phone screen marking steps taken, routes hiked, and photos of your day’s Hike for Hospice. Post to social media and tag our Facebook Page @HospiceofSouthernMaine, use hashtags #HikeForHospice and #MakeEachStepCount. Make each step count and share your experience with everyone!

Team Ideas for Virtualizing Your Hike for Hospice

  • Remember spirit week?  Create your own for Hike for Hospice and even bring back costumes and themed virtual gatherings online with a video call.


  • Use your social media postings to bring frequent updates to your circles regarding your progress with fundraising for Hike for Hospice.


  • Keep in contact with your team members and provide regular encouragement.  Emails, texts, phone calls, Google Hangouts, and Zoom calls can all provide team spirit and togetherness while being apart.


A virtual walk is only virtual in that you are not meeting all the other teams and individuals participating in Hike for Hospice at one time!  You can still participate and walk your own Hike for Hospice, making it a special event for your team!


  • T-Shirts are on their way and our hiking pups will get their own Hike for Hospice bandanas!


  • Have a socially distanced planning session and make costumes, hats, or posters to go with your T-Shirts!


  • Choose a meaningful place to hike where you can maintain social distancing and follow the CDC and state guidelines while still having enough privacy and room to hike for your team.  If you are separated geographically coordinate how you can keep in touch during your hike sharing thoughts or photos as you hike your route!


  • Arrange for some pre or post hike refreshments as you head out or finish your hike.  A pot of coffee after a morning hike may be just the ticket on a brisk fall morning.


  • Don't forget to tune in to your Hike for Hospice Kick Off Livestream on October 3rd, 2020 at 9:30am.  Provide photos and videos of your own so that they can be included in the Hike for Hospice ongoing Livestream celebration!


Please make sure that your whole team honors all CDC, State and local regulations including physical distancing, wearing masks when not in distanced groups, and sanitizing recommendations.



This is your chance to Hike for Hospice on your very own route. The opportunity to fundraise and participate virtually has been extended to October 31, 2020.



Fundraising can seem intimidating if you don't know where to start, but it's easier than you think to hit your goal. Asking people to support you means asking them to support Hospice of Southern Maine. Everyone will be moved by your commitment to support high-quality end-of-life care. 

Here are some good tips for fundraisers.


Start off by making a small donation to yourself. It's a lot easier to ask friends and family for a donation when you can say, "Can you join me? I donated $20!"



Remind donors that their support will help provide compassionate, comfort-focused care through end of life. Let them know where their dollars go: 100% of funds raised are invested into programming at Hospice of Southern Maine. Explain to your friends and family how the work of Hospice of Southern Maine impacts them. Reinforce that every dollar donated helps and no donation is too small. 

In 2019 Hospice of Southern Maine provided $242,060.00 in uncompensated care.


  • $100.00 helps Hospice of Southern Maine write, print and mail its valuable grief support newsletter, sent to families at no cost for 13 months.

  • $50.00 helps supply a day’s worth of masks and other critical PPE for our healthcare workers

  • $25.00 purchases a gift card for gas or food for families with a loved one who may need support during their time at the Gosnell Memorial Hospice House.



A snapshot of our impact in 2019:


  • 1,800 patients received direct hospice care

  • 4,601 community members received free grief support

  • 1,410 people participated in hospice educational events


Each participant has a unique fundraising page. You can personalize your page and share it with anyone you like, so, tell your story!

Spend a few minutes adding a custom photo and a paragraph about why you're participating in Hike for Hospice. Explain your reasons for participating and why you joined this fun event. And then, share your page with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who might want to contribute.


And remember: On average customized pages get 20% more donations than pages with generic text. 



Set a personal fundraising goal. Then double it. That will be the number you see on your fundraising page. If your goal is too low, people stop giving. If your goal is high, they will help you meet it. 


You'll be surprised at who responds. Also make sure to email your request more than once. Send emails out to everyone in your contact list, let them know your fundraising goal and give them a link to your fundraising page. Check back frequently and send follow-up emails. 

Remember: Email generates the lion’s share of all donations. We recommend asking once and sending a reminder about a week later. You will be amazed at how many people, not just close friends, will be excited to donate to your fundraising effort. 


Consider using your computer camera or smart phone to record a one-minute video of yourself. Upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, or your Instagram account. Explain what your goal is and how people can help. Link it back to your fundraising page and share it far and wide.


Not everyone uses Facebook, but if you do, it can be an enormous help. Do you tweet, use Instagram, or other social media? Make sure all your friends know about Hike for Hospice and your personal fundraising goal. The more you spread the word, the more success you’ll have. Post updates to your own page and tag Hospice of Southern Maine. 

Note: Facebook is responsible for 90% of social donations. 


Many employers are willing to offer matching gifts for charitable events. Does your business have a matching gifts program? It never hurts to ask. Send your employer to the Hike for Hospice website – who knows? They might even want to become a sponsor!


We all have special skills. Tap into your best talents to support your fundraising. 

Invite your friends and family to join you, and make your fundraising goal a team effort! Remember – you are not asking for money for yourself – you are fundraising for Hospice of Southern Maine.  

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At Hospice of Southern Maine, our mission is to provide compassion, care and comfort through end of life for patients with life-limiting illnesses. Our comprehensive options for support include care services at Gosnell Memorial Hospice House, the hospital, or the comfort of your home, long-term care, or assisted living facility. Call us today to learn whether Hospice is right for you and your family.

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